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My name is Yali Chen. In Chinese, Yà = Asian, Lì = Jasmine. I was born in Hangzhou, China. The city that is famous for Longjin Tea, silk, and Alibaba. :) I have four degrees in different domains: Biological Science, Entrepreneurship Management, International Education Policy, and now I am almost done with my fourth degree at CMU! I worked as a Program Manager at one of the biggest MOOC companies in China and I am proud to collaborate with partners such as edX, Stanford Online, and other institutions around the world.

From the one year intensive training at CMU, I have gained skills and experiences especially valuable as a user experience designer. The diagram shows my core skills and values: my biggest strengths are creativity, passion (about my work and life), coordination, and idealism. The branch skills include doing research and conducting user study. I can also use design tools and technique tools to implement user data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and prototype design. 

Based on my current skillset and my previous working experience, I am looking for positions in user experience researcher, learning designer, and product manager (especially in education domain). Please see my resume for more information. :)