Public Peer Review Motivates Higher Quality Feedback

Wang, X., Chen, Y., Godley, A., Rose, C. (2018)  Published in the 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS'18)

The role of feedback in learning has been well researched, but in practice high quality feedback may be scarce, for example when the source of feedback is from peer learners. Nevertheless, peer feedback may be the main source of formative feedback available in some settings, such as in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). A key part of the problem may be that students do not have sufficient incentive to offer their best feedback in settings where supervision is minimal. In this paper, we investigate whether students provide feedback of higher quality when it is done in a public setting rather than in a private setting. We report on an experimental study with 65 participants randomly assigned to a public feedback and a private feedback condition. We report the effect of the manipulation in terms of the quality of feedback offered as measured by a validated coding scheme, the subjective rating of the feedback, the effect on propensity to revise and success at increasing the quality of the writing. Limitations of the study and implications for practice are discussed.

Documentary: The Rise of MOOCs in China

This 20 min documentary includes exclusive interviews from MOOC teachers, practitioners, and learners. There are four questions mainly discussed:  (1) What is the development process of MOOCs in China? (2) How to look at the influence of MOOCs from other countries (such as US), does competition or cooperation exist in the Chinese market? (3) What are the barriers and challenges for MOOCs key stakeholders in China, for instance, MOOC learners, MOOC teachers, and MOOC producers? (4) How to build a knowledge economy in a globally competitive era, through MOOCs localization and globalization in China?

ICT Integration in Chinese Basic Education System: From the Teaching and Learning Perspective

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has made significant progress in China in recent decades. This paper aims to focus on ICT integration in teaching and learning process. Barriers and challenges are identified based on current literature, and policy recommendations are provided for policy makers to better integrate ICT in teaching and learning in the future. 

Diversity & Inclusion at Owen Graduate School of Management

This paper outlines the diversity advantage of prioritizing inclusivity at Owen and implementation strategy to foster a more inclusive culture at Owen. Our group discussed the strategic advantage of inclusivity, offered an overview of our approach and research methods, and also presented key findings from our research. We then conducted a competitive analysis and presented the team’s recommendations for establishing an inclusive culture at Owen that would ultimately improve the school’s rank and reputation. 

Impact of Student Demographic, Grant Aids and Faculty Characteristics on Total Graduation Rate

This report analyzes data of 186 higher education institutions in Tennessee State, focusing on student body demographics, grants aids and faculty characteristics, exploring their impact on total graduation rate, followed by key findings, limitations and conclusions.

The 2000 PISA Shock in Germany and Its Influence on National Policy Reform in Secondary Education System

This paper explores the ways in which the results of 2000 PISA have influenced German national policy reform in secondary education system. The paper outlines three public values affected by the reception of PISA study in Germany, namely equality, liberty and efficiency. The paper recognizes PISA shock as a direct and far-reaching influence in the German education discourse. 

Literature Review of MOOC: Community Collaboration in different groups

MOOC is a newly risen concept that has gained both praise and critique. This article provides a literature review of the development of MOOC, differs categories of MOOC (cMOOC and xMOOC) and points out main issues of current situation. This paper analyzes characteristics of different groups and provide a general idea of using community collaboration approach to seek possible solutions. 

Comparison of International Trade for Higher Education Programs Between China and the US

This paper provides an overview of higher education trade between China and the US. The introduction is followed by historical trends and current trends of U.S.-China education exchange. The paper focuses on analyzing the problems occur in historical trends and current trends of U.S.-China education exchange. 

Microfinance program in BRAC— the largest NGO in the world

BRAC is the world’s largest NGO and own the largest microfinance bank in Bangladesh. This article analyzes the Microfinance Program in BRAC from dimensions as follows: effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, accountability and finance. In the findings part, it illustrates some critics and problems of BRAC and the government, followed some suggestions. 


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